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Free Driving Theory Practice Test

If you want to take Driving Theory test then you will need some practice first. The key factor to successfully passing a test is to be prepared for it and this can be done by answering to some similar questions. Practice Test Free has published a desktop application named Free Driving Theory Practice Test and it has been developed exactly for this purpose. It is a good evaluation tool for being prepared for this test. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. You will see a question and 4 answers which only one of them is correct and you have to select the correct answer by clicking “Mark as Answer”. All unanswered questions will be marked as “Not Attempted” and will be shown on the final screen which contains your score and a summary of your work too. It also has your answers and the correct answers so you can compare them and see which questions you have answered wrong. Below each question there is a “Knowledge and understanding” which gives you a better knowledge for that question so you can answer it easier. This is also useful because maybe you don’t know anything about that question and this way you can learn new points. The simplicity is a key feature in this app so it makes this app a great choice for practicing |Driving Theory. Some key features of Free Driving Theory Practice Test are:

  • Driving Test practice at your home
  • 293 questions in 6 different subjects
  • Some or all subjects can be selected for taking test
  • Very simple and easy to use